Wall painting ideas to revamp your children’s room with a

Walls are the most left-out element in a room! Paying a little heed to the wall décor can bring out the unique effect in the room. Well, that’s not it! Adorned walls not only uplift the appearance of the room but also affix an endless visual interest to any room therefore sprucing up your child’s room with magical and fairy-tale-inspired wall paintings is extremely vital. Bring a splash of dreamy and dashing appearance to the décor of your children’s room with the below-mentioned fantastic range of super cute and magical wall painting ideas and garnish it with a new dimension.

Embrace the cloud touch

Every kid loves a space that is filled with creativity, imagination and some magical touch. And what’s better than bringing some excitement and awe-inspiring vibes with the beautiful blue skies and white clouds in their room? Encourage your child’s imagination by decorating their room with heaven inspired theme. Draw a rainbow, opt for the blue colour, fluffy clouds and birds and see the magic. 

The white stars and moon effect with fairy lights

One of the easy and best paintings that can spruce up the space of your little one mystically is the accents of the moon and stars on the walls. A dark blue accent wall that is embellished with the painting of a white-hued moon and stars takes up your little one into a starry night sky in magical storybook land. Set up some twinkly lights nearby and make your kid feel like they are sleeping under the stars.

The white stars and moon effect with fairy lights

Fairy tales and forts

Does your kid adore the tales of fairies and their giant dreamy castles? Of course! Having a small fortress of their own will make them feel super special. For this, you can paint up castles, forts and cute little princesses on a wall and accompany the whole thing with a bunk bed shaped like a tower and cutesy fancy elements like beautiful flowers, teddy bears and more. It is a sure-shot way to make your child feel like a royal princess.

Fairy tales and forts

The galaxy touch

An enchanted galaxy touch is definitely loved by your kid and enthrals the walls while making them wonder about the planetary system. Bring some planets, sky, skylike texture, sun, moon, and clouds altogether and use fairy lights to affix a galaxy effect to the walls and to prettify the room for your little stargazer. You can never go off beam with this classic way of prettifying your children’s bedroom.

Try out these super starry wall painting ideas and do let us know which one your kid loved the most?

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