‘Wordle’ fan? The National Gallery of Art has launched a


Summer Brennan can recognize a Vincent van Gogh painting by its wispy, vibrant brushstrokes. A series of loopy spirals or spindly legs? That’s probably Louise Bourgeois.

But after a few days of playing “Artle,” Brennan, a writer based in Paris, began to notice some holes in her art knowledge. For 30 years, she has indulged

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10 Animated Films That Were Better Than The Pixar Movie(s)

How could anyone not love Pixar? They consistently buck the conventions of mainstream animation in favor of mature storytelling, emotional intelligence, and innovative visions to inspire countless smiles, laughs, gasps, and pensive conversations. And teardrops. There probably is not a dam big enough to contain the amount of tears that Pixar movies have been responsible for.

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Robot photographer has eye for aesthetics

Master’s student Hadi AlZayer was hiking in a park, periodically asking fellow hikers to snap smartphone photos of him, when a pattern emerged.

“Whenever I asked strangers to take photos for me, I’d end up with photos that were poorly composed,” he said. “It got me thinking.”

AlZayer knew framing a good photo is an incremental process – navigate a

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With Forest For The Trees, 100-plus artists convert Pioneer

Just as it takes many trees to make a forest, it takes many artists, organizers, sponsors and visionaries to transform a seven-story, 130-year-old warehouse in Pioneer Square into an expansive art event in just a matter of months. Forest For The Trees is the name of this homegrown art festival that will feature immersive art installations, group exhibitions, on-site mural-making

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An Exploding World: new photo book by Rankin tackles the

A new photographic coffee table book is set to be released this month by renowned photographer, Rankin. The new limited run publication comprises 68-page color photographic collection of dandelions that are burning and camouflaged in flames. 

The idea behind An Exploding World, as it is titled, explores the aesthetic of destruction through apocalyptic-style imagery that is reminiscent of acts of

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Madison Valley artist exchanges 3-D design work for paint,

For years, when Danika Wright worked alongside her husband, Matt, in an office, they were first digitally creating film sets and props for movies in Southern California and then designing video games in Seattle.

Now, the small office space they share at their home just outside of Madison Park doubles as an art studio, and Wright more often stands in

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Wall painting ideas to revamp your children’s room with a

Walls are the most left-out element in a room! Paying a little heed to the wall décor can bring out the unique effect in the room. Well, that’s not it! Adorned walls not only uplift the appearance of the room but also affix an endless visual interest to any room therefore sprucing up your child’s room with magical and fairy-tale-inspired

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Antisemitic graffiti found near sculpture outside Art

Police have launched a hate crime investigation after a suspect allegedly sprayed antisemitic graffiti near a sculpture outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario earlier this week. 

It happened at the northeast corner of the gallery near Dundas and McCaul streets on Wednesday night.

Police say that a man was observed using white spray-paint near the bronze “Couch Monster” sculpture,

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