In ‘A Glint in The Kindling,’ Michael Bailey-Gates merges

The photographer joins Document to discuss their first monograph, using props to stretch their artistic vocabulary, and the importance of documenting joy

Michael Bailey-Gates’s first monograph, A Glint in The Kindling, leverages artifice to create a world where imitation and reality become indecipherable. In this world, minimalism and excess exist in harmony to form their inimitable aesthetic. Gates inserts

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The ‘0.5 Selfie’ is the Latest Photo Trend Taking Over

Zoe Nazarian

A new selfie trend has taken off among Generation Z in 2022. Featuring huge foreheads, super long arms, and tiny bodies: meet the 0.5 selfie.

Pronounced as a “point five” selfie, the photo trend has become a mainstay among Generation Z social media feeds over the past few months, according to a recent piece published by The New

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Robot photographer has eye for aesthetics

Master’s student Hadi AlZayer was hiking in a park, periodically asking fellow hikers to snap smartphone photos of him, when a pattern emerged.

“Whenever I asked strangers to take photos for me, I’d end up with photos that were poorly composed,” he said. “It got me thinking.”

AlZayer knew framing a good photo is an incremental process – navigate a

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An Exploding World: new photo book by Rankin tackles the

A new photographic coffee table book is set to be released this month by renowned photographer, Rankin. The new limited run publication comprises 68-page color photographic collection of dandelions that are burning and camouflaged in flames. 

The idea behind An Exploding World, as it is titled, explores the aesthetic of destruction through apocalyptic-style imagery that is reminiscent of acts of

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Pets Portraits

Our valued pets have become part of our lives and continue to make a difference to our lives. And that is the reason why we capture moments with them such as with the use of imaging. Or photos so as we can cherish memories with them.

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