Google On The Use Of Stock Photography

Google’s John Mueller and Lizzi Sassman discuss the merits of using stock photography and the impact on web and image search

  • Stocks photography does not have a negative impact on web search
  • Stocks photography may not perform well on image search
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Do You Add Metadata to Your Photos? If Not, Why Not?

Metadata is information about a photograph that is added after the pixels are captured.

The first is the EXIF (Exhangeable Image File format) which adds the camera, manufacturer, focal length, GPS, exposure, and sometimes, depending on the camera, the owner’s name and copyright. EXIF metadata is added by the camera immediately after the pixels are recorded.

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Lens choices for night photography

What lens is good for night photography? It turns out there are quite a few. And not all of them are crazy expensive.

Please note that I am not discussing astrophotography, deep space photography of celestial objects or photos involving an equatorial mount or tracker. Those would have different considerations. I will give examples based on a full-frame sensor. Focal

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A great bag for city folk

The Gura Gear Kiboko City Commuter camera bag has certainly caught the attention of photographers and creators on social media thanks to the bag’s well-funded Kickstarter campaign; however, does the camera bag live up to the hype? Find out in our full review.

Editor’s note: Gura Gear sent us the Kiboko City Commuter 18L to review and keep; however, all

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A for Aperture Priority –

When I bought my first DSLR — a fancy Nikon D5100 — I was completely overwhelmed. I had watched a ton of YouTube videos and read the manual, but really didn’t feel like I had a deep knowledge of how to use my camera.

There was one piece of advice I heard that paved the way to where I am

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Nikon is denying RED’s accusations and will be fighting the

Back in May I reported that RED is suing Nikon for infringing on its video compression patents.

The latest update is that Nikon is denying RED’s accusations and will be fighting the lawsuit:

“Basically, there were three possible solutions: Nikon pays royalties to use the ability for shooting compressed raw internally, removing this capability, or fighting back. According to Nikon’s

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The Nikon Z8 should be coming in 2023

Nikon Z8 pre-orders already taken by some stores

The Nikon Z8 is rumored to be announced/released in 2023. The timeframe I received from multiple sources is late March 2023 or early April 2023 (Spring 2023), but I am still not sure if this is for the official announcement or for the release/shipping date. There is still a very low probability

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New savings offer in the US: “Nikon Z lens trade-up event”

For the month of September Nikon USA started a new promotion “Nikon Z lens trade-up event” where you can trade in any working camera or lens and get up to a $200 bonus plus the trade-in value towards the purchase of select Z lenses. Contact one of our sponsors for a trade-in value:

Some of the old Nikon

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