New AI Research Tool Turns Ideas Into Art

Imagine creating a digital painting without ever picking up a paintbrush or instantly generating storybook illustrations to accompany the words. Today, we’re showcasing an exploratory artificial intelligence (AI) research concept called Make-A-Scene that will allow people to bring their visions to life.

Make-A-Scene empowers people to create images using text prompts and freeform sketches. Prior image-generating AI systems typically used

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Madison Valley artist exchanges 3-D design work for paint,

For years, when Danika Wright worked alongside her husband, Matt, in an office, they were first digitally creating film sets and props for movies in Southern California and then designing video games in Seattle.

Now, the small office space they share at their home just outside of Madison Park doubles as an art studio, and Wright more often stands in

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Wall painting ideas to revamp your children’s room with a

Walls are the most left-out element in a room! Paying a little heed to the wall décor can bring out the unique effect in the room. Well, that’s not it! Adorned walls not only uplift the appearance of the room but also affix an endless visual interest to any room therefore sprucing up your child’s room with magical and fairy-tale-inspired

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How to Paint Trees With Watercolor

Painting trees with watercolor can seem difficult, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Hopefully this article can help you to feel more comfortable approaching your watercolor landscape paintings. The first thing I recommend is drawing a couple of quick thumbnail sketches in pencil of your subject.

This is the time to plan your composition as well as your

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