Artists try to paint clearer picture of why museum’s idea to

The Museum of Museums in Seattle, with a neon sculpture out friend entitled “All My Friends,” by Dylan Neuwirth. (MoM Photo)

Greg Lundgren called it a “rough week.”

The longtime artist, arts advocate and current director of Seattle’s Museum of Museums was clearly fatigued from the backlash he’d been navigating after a failed attempt at launching an exhibition with overtures

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Creative Simple DIY Wall Painting Ideas To Recreate

There was a moment when you gazed at beautiful and creative wall painting images and wondered how to create this or I wish I could design this too? Fret not, as numerous simple techniques are doing the rounds for a quick room makeover. Such painting design techniques are one of the least expensive ways for a stunning new look without

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Living room wall art ideas – 10 ways to display prints and

The right living room wall art ideas will bring personality to your space and complete your room. And while art should be bought for its own sake and because you like it, you’ll likely want it to sit well with your living room wall decor (opens in new tab) too.

‘Living rooms are the warm heart of a home, a

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A different kind of artwork

For years, when Danika Wright worked alongside her husband, Matt, in an office, they were first digitally creating film sets and props for movies in Southern California and then designing video games in Seattle.

Now, the small office space they share at their home just outside of Madison Park doubles as an art studio, and Wright more often stands in

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Meet Yuta Niwa, Japanese Painter Mixing Traditional and

Painter Yuta Niwa, like many young Japanese artists, incorporates traditional painting techniques and materials into his work, such as Japanese traditional paper, ink, pigments, and Nikawa glue.

Niwa deals with disasters such as earthquakes and infectious diseases using giant salamanders and catfish as motifs.

In his graduate thesis project, he depicted the devastation of four recent earthquakes in Japan using

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Paint tricks: 10 painting techniques loved by the experts

Decorative paint tricks and finishes are becoming increasingly popular in interior design. 

Paint and color, as Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford reminds us, is more than just the rainbow: ‘When we say paint, we don’t mean saturated jelly bean shades – we mean color and paint in all its glory, from organic off-whites and subtle petal shades to the deepest

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Ceiling paint ideas: 10 ways to make your fifth wall

Our ceiling paint ideas explore how you can really make the most out of the often neglected ‘fifth wall’ in a room. Left a safe white for so long, ceilings are being given star treatment by interior designers and DIYers alike.

Enhancing a ceiling area with paint ideas can establish both an impactful and considered look that elevates your design

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Computers and Painting’s Identity Crisis

Every new generation of artists, curators, and critics seems to feel the need to defend painting. It makes sense: paint on canvas, good for little else, is basically synonymous with big-A Art. Painting stands for art’s angels and demons, its optimism and attention, its arrogance and solipsism.

“The Painter’s New Tools” at Nahmad Contemporary in Manhattan showcases just how far

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