5 front door colors to avoid: don’t become a victim of curb

When curating your home’s color scheme, you would be forgiven for forgetting about your front door. Naturally, you spend less time looking at this canvas than almost all other spaces in your home, but despite its transitional nature, your front door is one of the most important features of your property.

Your front door is a mirror to your interior

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Unique First Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

Us humans are predictable creatures of habit. When planning a first date, it often seems like the easiest, low-risk move to ask your match to meet you at 1) a coffee shop 2) a restaurant or 3) a bar. And while these are all acceptable — popular! — date locations, even the most amateur dater can admit they’re not always

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Kazumi Wilds at Sulfur Studios

When we think of 400-year-old art forms and 1,300-year-old mythologies, there is a quiet, a stillness, a reverent respect. We behave as if in a library or golf match, as if there’s no fun to be had or joy to indulge in.

But here’s the thing, we can have as much fun with ancient art forms as a toddler with

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Better Painting Techniques Ensure Better Results

Painting is considered an entry-level DIY project, but there’s a lot more to it than just picking a color and slapping it on the wall. It’s time to paint like a pro.

Although it may seem superficial, a new coat of paint has transformative powers.

Inside the home, light colors make a room seem bigger, bright colors make a room

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Art Barn Studio in Hanover is a creative haven for artists

HANOVER – A big barn at 674 Webster St. fulfilled the dreams of artist and educator Robyn Thompson-Duong, who founded The Art Barn Studio. The airy, wooden interior bustles with adult and children’s classes and monthly sip-and-paint parties.

“I was looking in Boston for a space to rent out for painting parties and classes, but when I saw the barn

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Artists try to paint clearer picture of why museum’s idea to

The Museum of Museums in Seattle, with a neon sculpture out friend entitled “All My Friends,” by Dylan Neuwirth. (MoM Photo)

Greg Lundgren called it a “rough week.”

The longtime artist, arts advocate and current director of Seattle’s Museum of Museums was clearly fatigued from the backlash he’d been navigating after a failed attempt at launching an exhibition with overtures

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Creative Simple DIY Wall Painting Ideas To Recreate

There was a moment when you gazed at beautiful and creative wall painting images and wondered how to create this or I wish I could design this too? Fret not, as numerous simple techniques are doing the rounds for a quick room makeover. Such painting design techniques are one of the least expensive ways for a stunning new look without

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Living room wall art ideas – 10 ways to display prints and

The right living room wall art ideas will bring personality to your space and complete your room. And while art should be bought for its own sake and because you like it, you’ll likely want it to sit well with your living room wall decor (opens in new tab) too.

‘Living rooms are the warm heart of a home, a

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