Italian eco-zealots glue their hands to Botticelli’s

Italian eco-zealots glue their hands to Botticelli’s masterpiece Primavera at a Florence art gallery in the latest climate change stunt inspired by Just Stop Oil vandals.

Three environmental activists attached themselves to the glass cover of the iconic renaissance painting in the Sala Botticelli of the Uffizi Gallery in Italy at 10:30am on Friday.

The protest was carried out by

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Review: Robert Adams photography survey at National Gallery


The challenge is despair: How to look straight at it, and then look away and get back to life. The challenge is particularly acute today. Just look to the headlines, to environmental degradation and ecological collapse, to wars and genocide, and the wholesale shredding of democratic norms by reckless and corrupt demagogues and autocrats.


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Rihanna looks radiant as she makes a surprise appearance at

Rihanna looks radiant in a chic bell sleeve top as she makes a surprise appearance at a London art gallery – during rare outing after welcoming a baby boy

She touched down in London to support her boyfriend A$AP

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For Britain’s National Gallery, a Raphael Show Comes at the

LONDON — The news sent tremors through Italy and the European continent: On April 6, 1520, Raphael — painter, draughtsman, architect, archaeologist and all-around genius — died suddenly at the age of 37.

He had developed a fever a week or so earlier, which the 16th-century artist and author Giorgio Vasari, in his “The Lives of the Most Excellent Painters,

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‘Wordle’ fan? The National Gallery of Art has launched a


Summer Brennan can recognize a Vincent van Gogh painting by its wispy, vibrant brushstrokes. A series of loopy spirals or spindly legs? That’s probably Louise Bourgeois.

But after a few days of playing “Artle,” Brennan, a writer based in Paris, began to notice some holes in her art knowledge. For 30 years, she has indulged

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Antisemitic graffiti found near sculpture outside Art

Police have launched a hate crime investigation after a suspect allegedly sprayed antisemitic graffiti near a sculpture outside of the Art Gallery of Ontario earlier this week. 

It happened at the northeast corner of the gallery near Dundas and McCaul streets on Wednesday night.

Police say that a man was observed using white spray-paint near the bronze “Couch Monster” sculpture,

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Drawing Flames

Drawing Flames : In what could be one of the most ancient references in illustrating fire, the Bible in Acts 2:3. Gives the phrase ¡°tongues of fire.¡±. And this has been how through the ages from then on, flames came to be depicted and drawn.

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