2023 Global Zodiac Design Competition Launched

BEIJING, July 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since ancient times, the Chinese have seen twelve animals as auspicious symbols for each year within a twelve-year cycle to express aspirations for a better life in a new year. Eventually the Chinese zodiac culture took shape. This folk custom has spread around the world, and many countries and regions now issue stamps during the Chinese New Year to send New Year blessings, and the Chinese zodiac is increasingly recognized by people around the world as an iconic Chinese cultural symbol.

On July 29, the launch ceremony of the 2023 Global Zodiac Design Competition(Guimao Year of the Rabbit) was held at Yuanmingyuan Park in Haidian District, Beijing. The competition is jointly hosted by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Central Academy of Fine Arts to make the Chinese zodiac culture more widely known in the world. This annual competition solicits zodiac designs from home and abroad to select the theme images for the next year’s zodiac sign. Aiming to widen the spread Chinese zodiac culture and Chinese New Year culture, the competition injects vitality and visibility to the traditional zodiac by means of creative designing to facilitate cultural exchanges at home and abroad.

The year 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the lunar calendar, also called the year of Guimao. The vibrant and lovely rabbit image wins over people’s hearts in many countries and regions around the world. Following its previous specifications and requirements, the competition this time sets up several units such as graphic design, merchandise design and Yuanmingyuan-themed design. Participants may visit the competition website (http://zodiac_design_competition.bocec.cn) for specific information and to sign up for the competition. Competition results will be unveiled in early November 2022, and the winning works will be presented via offline exhibitions, online virtual exhibitions, thematic activities and media promotion, along with commercialization of creative merchandise. The competition serves as a window into the long-lasting and renewing vitality of the traditional Chinese zodiac culture, which also advances with the times.

At the launch ceremony, experts and scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, among other universities, renowned designers and representatives of creative industries, and personnel from organizers discussed the inheritance and innovation of Chinese zodiac culture. This event is also one of the series of Haidian Cultural Salon activities. It was convened by Cao Jinsong, director of Beijing Haidian Cultural Development and Promotion Center, and chaired by Li Xiangyang, Deputy director of Beijing Haidian Yuanmingyuan Administration Office. The competition organizer is Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center, Collaborative Innovation Office of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Studies Center for Yuanmingyuan of Central Academy of Fine Arts, and co-organizers are Beijing Haidian District Yuanmingyuan Administrative Office, Beijing Haidian District Cultural Development and Promotion Center, and Beijing Beforewind Brand Management Consultancy Co., Ltd.

SOURCE Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Central Academy of Fine Arts