Do You Add Metadata to Your Photos? If Not, Why Not?

Metadata is information about a photograph that is added after the pixels are captured.

The first is the EXIF (Exhangeable Image File format) which adds the camera, manufacturer, focal length, GPS, exposure, and sometimes, depending on the camera, the owner’s name and copyright. EXIF metadata is added by the camera immediately after the pixels are recorded.

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The Key To Successful Marketing : Establishing A Personal

When looking to revamp your marketing strategies, there are several key ingredients in the recipe for success. Ultimately, though, building a stronger link between the consumer and the brand should always sit at the top of your list.

Establishing this aim and making it happen are two very different things. Following …

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Disney’s Gargoyles Unveils First Look at the New Series

Disney’s Gargoyles are soaring through the streets of New York City in the first preview for the new Dynamite Entertainment series, which is written by creator Greg Weisman.

Gargoyles #1 is written by Weisman, features art by George Kambadais and letters by Jeff Eckleberry. The first look at the series reunite fans to some of their favorite characters, including Goliath,

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Member Spotlight: Tamar Krames | ARTS Blog

The Washington State Arts Commission, ArtsWA, nurtures and supports the role of the arts in the lives of all Washingtonians. As the Arts in Education (AIE) Program Manager at ArtsWA, Tamar Krames oversees a variety of programs and partnerships with a focus on equitable access to quality arts learning. Krames is a multimedia artist, National Board-Certified teacher, and arts administrator.

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Lens choices for night photography

What lens is good for night photography? It turns out there are quite a few. And not all of them are crazy expensive.

Please note that I am not discussing astrophotography, deep space photography of celestial objects or photos involving an equatorial mount or tracker. Those would have different considerations. I will give examples based on a full-frame sensor. Focal

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Do You Need Photo Editing To Take Great Portraits?

Ever wanted to take brilliant portrait shots of yourself or even friends and family members? New to photography and want some pointers on how to get started? If so, then you’ve come to the right article. We understand that a lot of people are rather negative when it comes to …

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Live from Ottawa, It’s OIAF22!

***This article originally appeared in the Sept./Oct. ’22 issue of Animation Magazine***

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson is the longtime artistic director of the Ottawa International Animation Festival and author of many books, including Estonian Animation, Unsung Heroes of Animation, Canadian Animation and Mad-Eyed Misfits: Writing on Indie Animation. He also wrote the award-winning short Lipsett Diaries

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What Visual and Street Artists Need to Know about NFTs and

Whether you are an artist, a creator, or an investor, you have probably come across the term Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Be it rumors of young artists raking in millions of dollars selling NFTs, or cautionary tales from those who have been scammed, NFTs have recently exploded in popularity. NFT art is rapidly changing the way artists are paid and revolutionizing

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