Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly presents August

Justin Chen and Sienna Fusaro of Westerly High School.

For the past 30 years the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly has given artists in Rhode Island and Connecticut an opportunity to showcase their works of art to the South County arts community. Since 1992, just as the founding artists had planned, the gallery exhibits a new show each month, and

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Flung pickle token: artist asks $10,000 for McDonald’s

A NZ$10,000 artwork consisting of a single slice of pickle plucked from a McDonald’s cheeseburger and flung on to the ceiling of an Auckland art gallery is a deliberately “provocative gesture” designed to question what has value, the artist’s gallery says.

The work, titled Pickle, belongs to Sydney-based Australian artist Matthew Griffin, and is one of four new works in

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5 front door colors to avoid: don’t become a victim of curb

When curating your home’s color scheme, you would be forgiven for forgetting about your front door. Naturally, you spend less time looking at this canvas than almost all other spaces in your home, but despite its transitional nature, your front door is one of the most important features of your property.

Your front door is a mirror to your interior

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An art gallery in a big rig on Stage Gulch Road?

Richard Satula’s big-rig art gallery is the very definition of a modern roadside attraction.

For just over a year now, the eye-catching 18-wheeler truck has occupied a small but prominent scrap of land at the south-eastern edge of Petaluma where Adobe Road meets Stage Gulch Road. Emblazoned with the words “Sandra’s Mobile Art Gallery” and a large pair of portraits

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Unique First Date Ideas That Are Actually Fun

Us humans are predictable creatures of habit. When planning a first date, it often seems like the easiest, low-risk move to ask your match to meet you at 1) a coffee shop 2) a restaurant or 3) a bar. And while these are all acceptable — popular! — date locations, even the most amateur dater can admit they’re not always

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8 Tips to Make Your Notion Setup Aesthetic

If you’re someone who uses Notion to track their daily life, you’re probably all too familiar with how minimalist Notion looks. While this can be a good thing for some users, ​it doesn’t hurt to jazz up your setup with some visual flair. Here are eight tips to make your Notion page look aesthetic.

1. Choose a Color Palette


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‘The Sea Beast,’ a New Netflix Animated Film

The Sea Beast.

The great mythical sea monsters seen on medieval and Renaissance maps were not always meant to be taken literally. Most practical

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Birmingham gallery selling two sets of Johnny Deep’s art so

Gerard Marti of Birmingham’s Robert Kidd Gallery no sooner hit send Friday on an email about his gallery selling two sets of highly coveted silkscreen prints by actor Johnny Depp when the calls and emails started rolling in.

“People are asking me how much it is, when are you going to have it, when can I see it?” said Marti.

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