Dimensional Art Works Examples of two-dimensional works of art can  found easily in everyday life. Fine art itself is a branch of art that forms works of art using media that can be capture by the eye and felt by touch. In general, art is divide into two, namely two-dimensional art and three-dimensional art. Two-dimensional or two-dimensional works of art are works of art that only have dimensions of length and width without spatial dimensions. While three-dimensional art has dimensions of length, width and volume.

Fine art  several functions, apart from ing enjoyed for its beauty. Some works of art can also  use as ready-to-use objects. Art that has a use function is usually calle applie art. As previously mentioned, this two-dimensional art only has length and width. Even so, two-dimensional works of art do not only have an aesthetic aspect, there are also two-dimensional works of art that have a use function.

In a number of conditions, it is still difficult for some people to distinguish the types of two-dimensional art from three-dimensional art. Therefore, it is necessary to know what are the examples of two-dimensional works of art in order to understand the differences between them and three-dimensional works of art.

Here are some examples of two-dimensional works of art

1. Fig

Pictures are examples of works of art that are quite common in everyday life. Generally, the embodiment of this image places more emphasis on the elements of line, form, and functional aspects without any expression.

2. Painting

Painting is a two-dimensional work of art that expresses an objective form with composition and subjective value through expression and creativity.

3. Sketch

A sketch is an example of a two-dimensional work of art in the form of simple lines that are spontaneous but meaningful. Sketches can be in the form of a painting plan or it can be a sketch style painting.

4. Cartoon

Cartoon is a two-dimensional work of art in the form of an image that has been deforme from its original form so that it looks funny and attractive.

5. Caricature

Caricature is a type of two-dimensional work of art that focuses on the character of an object. Even though it has been deforme, the characters are still recognizable because of their characteristics.

6. Vignette

A vignette is a two-dimensional work of art in the form of a decorative image without a clear intention. Generally, vignettes are create for illustrations of poems, poems, or other literary works as improvisations for filling in blank pages.

7. Silhouette

A silhouette is an image of an object in the form of a human, animal, landscape or other form in solid form and consists of only one color, namely black. In simple terms, a silhouette can be interprete as a black image of the shadow of an object, with or without modification.

8. Print High

High print is a two-dimensional work of art that uses a print reference with protruding parts. In the printing process, the protruding parts will be inke to create a complete image.

High printing media can be plywood, metal, board,

9. Posters

Posters are examples of two-dimensional works of art, a type of billboard that combines writing and pictures with the aim of providing information to many people. Usually posters are in the form of flyers and are place in busy and strategic locations to make them easily visible.

10. Photo

Graffiti is an example of a two-dimensional work of art in the form of graffiti on a tin, concrete or wood wall. This graffiti  made by using a composition of colors, lines, shapes, and volumes to write certain words, sentences, or symbols using spray paint.